Our tax sites are closed for the season; please visit us again in January of 2017 for help with preparing your taxes.

If you are insterested in volunteering with us - we would love you to join us!  Please click on the link to the right to learn more.

We have 68 locations to serve you in New Hampshire; 30 of them allow you to schedule your own appointment:


  • If married, it is preferable for both spouses be present
  • Original or photocopy of social security cards for taxpayer, spouse, if married, and any dependents being claimed
  • Picture ID for taxpayer and spouse (must be a Driver's License, or state issued ID Card, or other official document)
  • All W-2's for all places worked in previous year
  • Prior year tax return if applicable
  • Routing number and bank account number for direct deposit

If possible, please print and fill out as much of this form as you can before coming: Intake Form

If applicable, bring:

If you’re not sure, bring it! We’ll be happy to review it.

  • Copies of any 1099's issued to you or you spouse (including social security!)
  • Form 1095A if you received purchased insurance via healthcare.gov
  • Bank account interest year-end statement
  • Student loan interest statement
  • Proof of child care expenses paid (statement from provider with EIN # or Social Security #)
  • Statement of post-secondary education tuition expenses paid
  • Any other documents related to your previous year taxes.
  • Copies of last year's mortgage interest statements (including any points paid)
  • Real estate taxes paid statement
  • Proof of charitable donations
  • Statement of work-related expenses
  • Auto registration
  • Receipt of tax preparation fees paid last year
  • Statement of safe deposit box fees
  • Statement of union dues paid
  • Any other statements of allowable itemized deductions
  • If small business owner: Proof of income and expenses (in writing). Self-employed with more than $25,000 in expenses cannot be served.

Returns cannot be filed with rental income, self-employed individuals with employees

Other limitations of scope may apply to your circumstances, an appointment is not a guarantee we can prepare your return.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us (link on the right) and we will be sure to follow up promptly.  If you would like help with your taxes, please find a location near you using the 'Free Tax Help Locations' tab above.  In most cases, our tax sites open Feb 1st and close on Apr 15th. A few sites are open after January 20th.

To find a location anywhere in the USA, use the 'find by ZIP' link on the right.

This page is a generalized depository for documents and information for the New Hampshire AARP Tax-Aide program and coalition partners.  You may contact the webmaster by email.