These downloads are locally stored, which means they may not be the most recent - though as of this posting (2018-Jan) the drivers have not been updated since 2013-Oct, so I doubt HP will be updating them again.

Win 7:
Before installing, try:
Make sure everything is off and the printer is not connected to the computer
Boot the computer and log in
Wait two mintutes
Connect the printer via USB
Turn on the printer
Wait three minutes - the computer may make some bo-beep noises.
If the computer displays the message 'device succesfully installed', then you should be good to go!

If the above doesn't work, then go ahead and download the basic drivers below and unzip (don't just view, but actually unzip to folder)
Start the 'add printer' dialog, and when prompted for the printer type/model, select 'have disk', and point to the unzipped directory.
Select P1006, and you should be all set.

HP P1006 Basic drivers
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