The HP M102w allows direct wifi configuration without connecting by USB. This is pretty awesome.

If the printer is at factory settings:

1. Be sure you know what network name you want the printer to connect to
2. Make sure your router is up and running
3. Plug in and turn on the printer. It may take a couple minutes to warm up.
4. Print the configuration page - press and hold the page button for 3-5 seconds until the green circle starts to blink.
5. The printer will print out three pages, which will contain the MAC address and the wifi direct password (factory default is 12345678)
6. Go into the router's DHCP configuration and reserve a static IP address for the printer based on its MAC address. Be sure to note the address you've assigned it.
7. On your computer, change wireless networks from your current connection to the printer's broadcast network (probably DIRECT-30-HP M102 Laserjet or something).
8. In your web browser, enter the IP address for the printer from the configuration page (probably Viola! You should now be able to configure the printer.
9. Change the printer's wifi network to the SSID and password of the Tax-Aide network for your site (Networking -> Wireless configuration -> Turn on wireless (this language choice is stupid and confusing, I know)).
10. A warning message will pop up about disconnecting from the network - that's okay, you'll get to configure the settings first.
11. Choose the Tax-Aide network from the networks listed.  Be sure to enter the password too, checking the 'display password' checkbox to make sure you're typing it correctly.
12. Restart the printer.
13. While the printer is restarting, reconnect your computer to the Tax-Aide network
14. You should now be able to add a network printer, and the M102w will appear with the IP address you specified
15. If the drivers are not found, download and use the 'basic drivers' linked below.

Basic Drivers for HP M102w (2017-Aug-31)
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