Update Mar 17: We're sorry, at this point almost all free tax assistance sites are closed; we do not have re-opening dates or timelines availble.

Update Mar 16: Please do not call 2-1-1 for tax appointments or hours this week. The team at 211 is overwhelmed with COVID-19 related calls, and cannot handle tax calls at this time.

Update Mar 13: Unfortunately, many of our sites will be closed until further notice due to the threat of COVID-19. As a result, we will be unable to honor any tax appointments scheduled while we are closed.

We will continue to assess whether we can open again in some or all sites for the remainder of the tax season and if the tax season is extended.

Some options to complete your 2019 return are:
-Go to our list of remaining sites below to schedule or find a walk-in site near in your area that is still open at this time.

-Visit the IRS Free File web site. There are a number of options available; be sure to read the age and income requirements before beginning!
-Visit myfreetaxes.com for simple returns (please note there are charges of $40 or more for using Schedule C, D, or E).
-If sites reopen, set up a new appointment with them. Keep an eye on this website for updates.
-Go online and use paid tax return software.
-Go to a paid preparer.

We apologize, and recognize that this may be a significant inconvenience to you. Please take care of yourselves.

This is a listing of the New Hampshire free tax preparation locations hosted by Tax-Aide or our coalition partners - for other states, go here.
If you are dialing 2-1-1 from outside of New Hampshire, dial 866-444-4211 during regular business hours.

(A) Appointment required. For many locations, you may also make an appointment online

(W) Walk-in only

(A&W) Appointment AND walk-in service available

(VIRTUAL) Virtual Sites do not provide same-day return preparation; returns may be prepared off-site, and clients may be asked to discuss their return over the phone with a certified preparer. Clients will return for a second appointment to review, sign, and pick up their completed returns.

(A) Mobile VITA
Call 603 525-3312 for appointment

(A) Hancock Mobile VITA
Call 603 525-3312 for appointment

(A) Mobile VITA
Call 603 525-3312 for appointment

(A) Mobile VITA
Call 603 525-3312 for appointment

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