We would love to have you host our Tax-Aide family !

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message at 603 230 4121 to discuss the possibilities.


In order to start, a new host site would need to recruit three volunteers we could train and supervise. One would need to manage the site. One would need a modicum of individual tax return experience.

Each site must provide a designated space to prepare tax returns from February 1st through the end of the Tax-Season (usually April 15th). This space must be available for 4 or more hours a week on a regular basis during the tax season.

  • Ensure ADA accessibility standards compliance.
  • Provide essential amenities, including heating, electricity, and adequate lighting.
  • Supply seating arrangements, including chairs and tables, for both taxpayers and volunteers, as well as individuals in a waiting area.
  • Offer parking for both volunteers and taxpayers.
  • Ensure secure, reliable, and robust access to the site's WIFI preferably connecting to our routers.
  • Guarantee sufficient privacy for counselors to assist taxpayers with their tax returns without inadvertent data exposure between taxpayers.

Tax-Aide and the IRS expect that a new site will generate additional returns that would not have been done at a nearby site if the new site did not exist. A new site is expected to prepare a minimum of 50 returns the first year. After the first year, the IRS expects the number of returns to be very close to if not more than 100.


  • Training and supervision in tax law and site management
  • Provide AARP Foundation Tax-Aide and IRS-sanctioned equipment, including computers, printers, and routers
  • Provide consumable supplies such as pens, paper, toner, and printer drums
  • Insurance coverage
  • Offer free tax preparation services for your community by IRS-certified volunteer tax preparers.